You know how the saying goes: the Cobbler’s kids always have bad shoes. While our staff have consistent access to the Parkside Spa all the time, it’s easy to push off pampering ourselves or doing a bit of self-care. We’re making the effort to wind down and take some time for ourselves, especially as we get closer to the holiday season. With that being said, here are what our staff had to say about their December staff picks! 

Tanya’s Pick- General Manager 

“I loooove getting my lashes done. When I get my lashes filled It’s a chance for me to sit back and relax for an hour. It’s so peaceful that I always fall asleep and when I wake up I have a full set of gorgeous natural lashes.”

Barb Hands- Spa Director 

“I enjoy getting facials, you basically get a full body massage and leave with soft and radiant skin. I also love that Aveda products are natural and derived from plant and flower based essences.”                                                                                                                                                                     

Chloe’s Pick- Marketing and Sales Associate

“My go-to can’t live without product is the Shampure dry shampoo. I used to wash my hair each and every day because my hair is naturally oily. Now I can go three-four days feeling confident that my hair looks fresh and smells awesome. I find that with blonde hair this product does blend a little easier because its a white powder. To apply I put a bit on my roots and my crown I use my fingers to massage in the product and not only do I get a lot of volume but my hair feels soft and looks shiny. I give this product a 10/10.”

Janet’s Pick- Sales / Event coordinator

“Well, thats easy … getting my hair done by Rebecca. Rebecca has been doing my colour for 4 years and she helps me get the desired look every time. Oh, and she also gives the best head massages!”

Sue’s Pick- Guest Services 

“I love to get a pedicure in the spa. I love the variety of colours to choose from and the hot stone massage is a very nice touch. I also love the OPI strengthener for your nails. It really helps your nails get their strength back in a short time.”

Dakota’s Pick- Esthetician

After working all day as our head esthetician, you can bet Dakota puts in a lot of hours using her arm & neck muscles. Her solution? ; Monthly massages with our Ortho-Therapist, Crystal, who specializes in deep tissue, muscle & bone.

“I just love having my 60-minute massage with Crystal – it hurts so good!”

Jamie’s Pick- Esthetician

Whenever Jamie needs to center herself throughout the day, she heads to any one of our 8 treatment rooms that feature our Aveda Paddle brushes. “It’s like a head massage on a stick, and the best part is my hair looks fabulous after! I loved it so much, I bought one for at home.” she exclaims.

Haley’s Pick- Hair Stylist 

Working as a stylist in our busy salon, Haley depends on products that work & work well. Her go to? Aveda’s Defining whip. “This is the holy grail to me.  A product that holds the hair where you need to go all while being weightless is hard to find. I recommend this product to almost all my clients”! 

April’s Pick- Esthetician

April’s favourite way to treat herself if booking in for one of Parkside’s body wraps – the exfoliating aqua body polish! “This wrap is invigorating and rejuvenating. Having this service is one of the only times I feel as though I can truly relax. Not to mention the incredible after result – smooth, silky and replenished skin”

Rebecca’s Pick- Senior Hair Stylist

When asking Rebecca what her favourite product was, she just had to say Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control Spray. Why? “It’s the product I run out of most here at the salon. It’s a heat protectant and a detangler, which makes it good for all hair types. And since it’s Aveda, it’s safe for even my youngest clients”.

We hope you enjoyed our December staff picks. We wish you a happy and stress-free Christmas and New year!