Sacred sounds and enticing aromas invite you to leave your stress at the door. The luxurious, 7,500-square foot Parkside Spa offers total health and wellness with holistic treatments designed to create harmony of body, mind and spirit. This full service facility includes a mineral therapy pool and hot tub, steam room, fitness centre, and Parkside Salon.

The décor and ambiance provide a quiet sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate. Ancient healing therapies from the East meet contemporary services from the West where highly trained estheticians and body therapists use only the purest botanical products and innovative spa technology to guarantee the Parkside standard of excellence.


6:30-7:30pm: Meditation and Movement
7:30-8:00pm: Tea and Tribe
Weekly Content:
Week 1- Root Chakra: Exploring our Foundation
Week 2- Sacral Chakra: Reuniting with our Creativity
Week 3- Solar Plexus Chakra: Remembering our Sacred Power
Week 4- Heart Chakra: Allowing our Love to Shine
Week 5- Throat Chakra: Clearly Expressing of our Truth
Week 6- Third Eye Chakra: Deepening our Connection with Divine Nature
Week 7- Crown Chakra: Returning to our I AM Consciousness
Week 8- Uniting all Chakras

Meditation and Movement Series

March 26th-May 14th, 2020

$25.00 per class

$155.00 8 weeks

This 8-week series provides the space for us to return to our healthiest version of our truest selves.  Each night we will bring focus to one chakra through meditation and then release any blockages through movement.  Upon completion of each gentle journey, group Quantum Shamanic Reiki will be offered to ensure the ease integration of this new life force space.
Quantum Shamanic Reiki combines Traditional Usui Reiki with Algonquin Medicine which takes healing to the Quantum level.  It addresses the energetic disruption and naturally realigns the body, mind, and Spirit.
Bonus poolside access (hot tub, steam room, and pool)


Her Way


• Tulasara Facial, or Massage (60 min.)
• Manicure with Paraffin Wax
• Pedicure with Paraffin wax

His Way


• Hot Towel Facial (60 min.)
• Massage (60 min.)
• Foot-Cure with Paraffin wax

Head to Toes


• 30 minute Facial
• Mini Manicure
• Mini Pedicure

Together Time


• Two 60 minute Massages
• Two Pedicures in our Private Room
• Two glasses of wine & a cheese tray to share

Time for Two


Enjoy two Pedicures in our deluxe private room while sharing an assortment of cheese, crackers & dried fruit paired with two glasses of red wine.

Sip and Spa

• Foot-Cure & Beer – $59
• Martini & Manicure – $44
• 60min. Massage & Merlot – $95