Thinking of booking? We believe that we have what it takes to exceed your expectations on your big day! But don’t just take our word for it! Below are a few testimonials from couples that we have had the pleasure of working with.


All I can say is Thank you 1 million time over and over! Thank you for all of your support over the last 2 years of planning our wedding! You always made everything a little less stressful. I am so grateful for you and all the time and organization you put into making our day flawless! We could not have done it without you. – Dominique + Robert


I had very little to do – other than make decisions and pay the bill. It was fantastic!
Although I grew up in the Perth Area, my now-husband and I live in the GTA, so when I say I relied on others, I do not exaggerate.
My engagement was probably through some of the most difficult months for the hotel – the wedding coordinator I signed with left the hotel and the catering services contract I signed with left the hotel. The only point I deducted was for responsiveness and that was due to the wedding coordinator who eventually left the hotel. The new wedding coordinator Janet and was very responsive.
My hair was done downstairs in the spa, the flowers were done by Kelly’s Flowers, and the food was done by their in-house caterers.They did all of the setup and cleanup, and rearranging the hall between events was done in record time. I would definitely recommend this venue. If I had hired each of the individual vendors myself I never could have managed to keep the cost of my event so low. The value is unparalleled, with the added bonus of low stress! I felt taken care of! – Mr. + Mrs. Anderson


I purchased a wedding package with the Best Western Plus Perth, and they took care of EVERYTHING.
My now-husband and I spent the entire six month prior to the date in Florida for work, so when I say I didn’t have to do much, I do not exaggerate. I was able to look forward to my day without the usual stress that comes with planning, and all the services they provided were top notch. My hair  was done downstairs in the spa, the flowers were done by a local florist, and the food was done by their in-house caterers, and WOW, that food. It was unbelievable. My guests were raving about it. Everyone who helped me was polite and professional and made me feel important every step of the way. – Mr. + Mrs. Acacia